• Simon Fraser University 
  • Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce 
  • “Self-Employment in Canada” – Toronto, ON 
  • “Anything is Possible” – Toronto, ON 
  • Nebraska Home-Based Business Conference 
  • Canada Post – Toronto, ON 
  • “Enterprise Edge 99” – Victoria, BC 
  • U Bet Seminar 
  • Yes, Canada 
  • Challenges of Canada in the Export Market at the Turn of the Millennium ’98 
  • A.C.E. – S.F.U. Speaking Engagement 
  • Remaining Relevant in Changing Times (BC Govt) – Smithers, BC

Look Who’s Talking about ROB!

Hi Robert – just a quick note to say thanks very much for the session yesterday. My apologies for having to leave early and not thanking you in person, however I had to get to another meeting with investors…. and as a serial entrepreneur; you’ll appreciate the importance of investor meetings in this financial climate! :)

Our Company stands to benefit significantly from the games, as high-performance athletes beat a path to our door. Thanks to you, your colleagues and the entire 2010 team for making it all happen

All the very best,

Matt Ferguson

President & CEO Progressive Health Innovations Inc.



Hello Robert Arthurs.

Thank you again for the motivating information you provided about 2010 business opportunities in the workshop you presented at BCIT yesterday (#213).  And thank you also for offering to tell me how to go about showcasing my made-in-BC product at 2010.

Thank you again.

E. G. (Ed) Wilson Sea Star Wave Power, Inc. 




Hi Rob,

I just wanted to thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was not only beneficial knowledge but also motivated me to put in more effort into my 2010 bidding. Yesterday’s presentation showed me just how endless the possibilities could be if I could manage to secure “”Olympic Gold””.

Thanks again

Alex Case Earthen Trading Co.


That was an excellent presentation today and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I intend to pursue the bids for opportunities available as presented.

Again, your presentation was fantastic so thank you very much.

Praveen Madhavan Project Seers

Thank you Rob and everyone who put this on.   We really appreciated the direction and the updates on what is going on.

Take care

Lorraine Duclos PDQ Post Group

Hello Robert,

I wanted to say a big “”Thanks”” for presenting at our BDC North Vancouver Office.

I know our clients appreciated it and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from them.

Once again, thanks and I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

Cheers and have a great weekend,

Kenneth A. Maude Business Development Bank of Canada

“Follow up to 2010 Workshop at Community Futures in Nelson – Oct 21, 2008”

“Hi Robert,

I wanted you to know that I really did appreciate your 2010 Business Opportunities Presentation on Tuesday. I can tell you’re really excited by what you’re doing right now. I could just feel the energy level in the room go up several notches as the presentation progressed that morning. Wow! I had no idea this event was that big! I see the spin off business being just as big as the Olympics and I can’t wait to get more involved. Is there anything else I can do to become more involved in this whole process – that is besides signing up at the 2010 Commerce Centre website? I’m really inspired about the possibilities 2010 means for my business.

Take care.

Susan Cooley

Crooked Wood Creations & Kootenay Original Stained Glass Art

Hi, Rob,

Just a quick note to thank you for your presentation on Wednesday.  It was quite an eye opener!  I think I now have a somewhat different perspective on the magnitude of the 2010 exercise, as well as a better idea as to how best to use the tools which the province and Vanoc have provided to try to take advantage of the opportunities which will be coming down the line.

Thanks again, and perhaps we’ll run into you again at future presentations.

Joe Marston ICOM Canada 

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to thank you so much very much for your time last night…and I will admit I was laying in bed until about 1am thinking about opportunities! I will be registering today on the website as per your recommendation.

I look forward to chatting with you again

Cheers Natalie Royal LePage Black Tusk Realty Squamish, BC


RE: Squamish Chamber thanks you for the workshop Rob!

“Hi Rob,Wow!  What an eye opener, my husband didn’t know what hit him when I got home last evening.  I would be happy to host again at Capilano University if you felt the venue worked for what you needed.

Thanks for the great session, I’ve already been chatting up to everyone I see.

Sincerely, Stephanie Wells Capilano University, Squamish

Hello Rob:  It was great to meet you today – we very much enjoyed your

Workshop and look forward to having you here at Capilano University

Tomorrow evening.  I am certain the community will benefit significantly

from your presentation.

I look forward to being able to promote both workshops on an ongoing

basis with you and the Commerce 2010 centre.


Kenny G. Music – Manager Squamish Chamber of Commerce

Dear Robert:

My name is Andy Yu and I attended your workshop in small business BC.

Just quick thanks to your information. It is great information and very helpful.

Keep in touch. I hope we meet again sooner.

Best Regards

Tmfox Strategic Solutions Ltd

2010 Business Opportunities Workshop – 2008JUN19

“Rob, I feel compelled to express my appreciation for the excellent presentation you gave this morning at the North Van Chamber offices.

I found you energized, knowledgeable and sincere in your desire to assist entrepreneurship on behalf of government this morning.  It is clear that through your efforts, your ministry is doing everything it can to promote business growth in anticipation of this extraordinary event and thereafter.

On behalf of Lions Gate Investigations Group, I would be pleased to formally acknowledge your contribution in the form of separate correspondence to be directed to those to whom you report.

Please advise if I can do anything further to assist in this regard.


Fred Pinnock Managing Partner Lions Gate Investigations Group, Inc.


“Hi Rob,

Thank you for your presentation on 2010 Business Opportunities to the Finnish Ministerial delegation. I understand that it was rather late notice and really appreciate all your efforts in being accommodating to the delegation’s schedule as well as presenting an engaging and informative session.

All the best,

Anita Pan Regional Office of the Trade Commissioner Service Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Hi Robert, It was great meeting you.

I enjoyed your presentation and your energy at 2010 Olympics opportunities workshop Thursday, May 8.


Dance and Live with Passion!

Raymondo Burn the Dance Floor

Robert, I wanted to let you know again that I found your 2010 Business Opportunities presentation to be useful and relevant. I am floating the subject over here to see if there is any way we can help promote the workshop, and keep tabs on the new workshops you mentioned.


Lou Olivier Senior Advisor Ministry of Small Business and Revenue 

“Hello Rob,

I hope this email finds you well!  We have the survey results for the 2010 Business Opportunities workshop you did for Tourism Vancouver members on March 12, 2008.

As usual, there are some nice comments on the survey about the workshop you conducted.

Best regards, Kathy Myck, Account Executive & Event Planner, Member Services Tourism Vancouver


Dear Mr. Arthurs,

Lucy and I enjoyed your workshop this morning. We found it very educational and an eye opener. There are so many curves that one must take to get started. It is not as easy as one thinks but we will get through.

Sincerely Yours,

Tony Rapaz

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your presentation – you put forth a great amount of energy and your presentations are very inspiring!

Kindest Regards,

Doris blanchet Video storytelling

Hello Rob,

It was great to meet you earlier today and thank you for all the info.

It was great presentation.  Have great day and I hope to speak with you again soon.

Ciprian Bandu Account Manager Duocom

Good Afternoon Mr. Arthurs,

I wanted to say hello and Happy Monday!

I have registered my company. Thank you once again on all your workshops. These workshops are really very informative and well presented.


Best regards,

Vikas Anand


Hi Rob, It was nice meeting you last week at the ICES event. I really enjoyed your presentation and in fact learned a great deal. I’m not sure when you will be in Hope, but I did send an email to Kate Zabel telling her how good the presentation is. Good Luck!

PS the hands were great.

Hope to see you again. Thanks once again.

Peter Adamo Audio Image Canada

Hello Rob,

Thank you for speaking at last night’s ISES event.  It was very informative and our attendees enjoyed the presentation.  Thanks.

Diana Hambrook President International Special Events Society Vancouver Chapter 

Rob, I just wanted to drop you a line and say I was very impressed with your session yesterday. Good job! It was extremely helpful in clarifying things for me, and it absolutely expanded my sense of opportunity around the Games.

Our firm is now registered on the Business Network.

Thanks again.

GREG FORD  |  Vice-President, Vancouver Region David Aplin Recruiting

Dear Rob,

Thank you for your excellent presentation at the workshop on November 6. I enjoyed it and got more information than I had expected.

Best regards,

Alex Baturin Alliance Woodcraft Mfg Inc. Vice-president of Operations
Chairman of BC Russian Speakers Club of Entrepreneurs


Hi Rob

I attended the 2010 workshop you hosted last week. I can’t thank you enough, It was just fantastic!

Warmest Regards

Clare Rance  The dog studios


Hi Robert,

It was my pleasure to meet you at the Business Opportunity Workshop this past Thursday.  And a big thank you for putting on a great seminar.

Thank you for your valuable time Robert, I look forward to attending all your seminars in the very near future.

Warmest regards,

Virginia Bremner Touch marketing Inc


Hi Rob,

I just wanted to send a belated thank you for hosting our group at your facility on September 26th.  We received some very positive feedback from our attendees.  It was a great and very useful presentation.  Our attendees also appreciated the workbook and having an actual set of tools and information that they can apply to their businesses.

Thanks so much!  We hope to work with you again in the future.

Kind regards,

Jill Earthy Executive Director Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) BC


Hi Rob,

It was great meeting you at the 2010 Opportunities seminar. Lots of useful information, together with a clear sense that 2010 brings tons of opportunities to our province.

Thanks a lot,

Dan Ciocan  MBA ImagePro Image Consulting


Hi Rob:

I am so glad to have made it to the seminar today.  There is always so much to learn and you convey the information with such gusto.  Forget snow – package some of your enthusiasm for 2010 and beyond!  The thought of RFP’s gives me weak knees but I hope to read the booklet this weekend and also will start putting thoughts on paper.  These are indeed exciting times!

Enjoy your Friday and I also wish you a happy Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones.

With great admiration

Laileen Laileen executive relocations

Hello Rob,

I really enjoyed the presentation today – Great energy ! and there is certainly a lot of opportunity…

I look forward to connecting…


Teresa Koroll

“Thank you… re: The 2010 Business Opportunities Workshop 09/05/2007 Whistler, Good morning Robert.

WOW!!  That was great.  Just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the awesome job you did yesterday at the above mentioned workshop presentation in Whistler.  Simply inspiring… Almost overwhelming … the positive feeling generated from attending and participating.

Once again…Thank you… Keep up the good work


… I may need to seek medical attention to recover from the amount of chin wagging I did while nodding in agreement during the workshop…  Ha-ha-ha!

Gord Howes who Know who’s  Whistler, BC.


Hello Rob,

Thank you so much for all the valuable tricks of the trade! I really got a lot out of your presentation on the Business Opportunities Workshop.

Looking forward hearing you speak again in the near future!

Warm regards,

 Agi Galazka Account Executive tiger tel

Hello Rob,

I wanted to thank you first off for giving us a push in the right direction, the workshop was far better than the one I went to last year here in Kamloops. We appreciate any help or tips that you can give us. You mentioned you had some contacts for me to get a hold of that should send us in the right direction so I have listed all my contact information below.

I’ll talk to you soon Rob

Sean Martin

Hi Robert.

Thanks for the presentation this morning, it was great.  Also nice to see you enthusiastic about it all even after 100+ presentations.

Thanks again.

Jason Hulbert Sales and Event Planning Manager Major the Gourmet 

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop yesterday. I had no idea that all these opportunities existed for small businesses. I am telling all my business colleagues to “”get with the program!”” It is great to see how much encouragement is coming from government sources.

Best wishes,

Richard Sowerby Goslyn Holdings (Canada) Inc


Dear Robert

It was a pleasure meeting with you this morning at the 2010 seminar, the possibilities are very exciting. It was an excellent presentation.

Kind Regards

Marghanita Hughes Wildwood Media

Hello Robert,

I met you at the 2010 Procurement Workshop that you presented in late January.  I found your workshop informative in helping me to understand how to best position my company to acquire some profitable Olympics business.  We are now in the process of preparing proposals and a new website to assist in that development.


Randy Puder seascape1


Thank you for the great presentation at the BCTIA Workshop on Tuesday morning.  It was informative and exciting to hear all the details and opportunities for the 2010 Olympics.

Ingrid Gilmour Business Development Aprio Boardroom 

Hello Rob,

Thank you for the wonderful Presentation given at the NSBSG Meeting this morning. It was an eye opener for me on the various opportunities available in Vancouver.

Thanks and best regards.

Yazdi  Khapoliwala Sign-A-Rama, North Vancouver

Good Day Mr. Arthurs,

Thank you for your time yesterday and your presentation at the BCTIA workshop.  I really enjoyed learning more about the opportunities available and the bid process for 2010 and beyond.

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation.

Best Regards,

Kristi Park Seattle, WA 98104


Workshop this morning “Rob, on behalf of myself and the entire membership of the North Shore Business Success Group I want to sincerely thank you for the time you spent with us today outlining the myriad of Olympic-related business opportunities available to our members. It was truly eye-opening and I’m sure we will do all we can to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Let’s do this again within about 6-8 months or so!! Thanks again Rob.



 Neil Hamilton Royal LePage Northshore

Hello Rob,

Thank you so much for the information on the sponsors and for the amazing seminar last month.

Thank you

Niki Hain Silverfoot Active Wear Ltd. Squamish, B.C.



Hi Rob,

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop today.

You give a lot of good information, but what’s equally important is the energy and excitement that you bring into the room. Your references to your previous personal experience as an entrepreneur really resonate with the attendees and make it real and relevant for them.

I can see why you enjoy your work so much – just today you have facilitated contacts and partnerships, and each and every participant left with the feeling that they too can benefit from the Games and grow their business.

Excellent job; and if you would like, I will be happy to stop by in the future and say a few words.

All the best,

Madleine M. Rab General Manager Bell Canada Business Development and Olympics

Hi Robert,

I was very inspired by your presentation that you gave on Feb 22nd, 2007

at the Canadian-German Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you

Michael Skolik  sigma-group 

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Meat Forum in Kamloops last weekend and found your presentation on 2010 Opportunities very informative and interesting.

FYI: We are a vertically integrated poultry operation; breeder stock, hatchery, feed mill, farm production and a federally inspected poultry processing facility


Pat Wieben Business Dev & HR Manager Rossdown Farms Ltd.

Ciao Robert.

It was a pleasure meeting you Maple Ridge Mixer, Hope your week is going well.

Just wanted to say it was nice to meet you at the Maple Ridge Mixer on Wednesday Evening.

I will put a profile of my company on the commerce web site.

You have a great long weekend.

Garry Priam, B. Sc., CHRP Candidate President – Mossa International Inc.

Hi Robert,

Thanks again for a brilliantly inspiring presentation about 2010 business opportunities that you gave last Thursday. I was so inspired that I have told many of my friends about it who are now going to attend. The only disappointment was the fire alarm bell!

Thank you in advance Robert and good luck with the remainder of your presentations!

All the best!

Donna Mackniak syntax workplace english

I would like to thank you once more for you informative presentation at BC Restaurant Assoc meeting  last Thursday.  I am currently putting together an information sheet for our team and would love to list some of your stats.   .  Thank you again.  I will pop by the centre sometime this week and look forward to the next 2010 info session!  Please keep me posted.  I also wanted to pass on my accolades as your team has done a superb job with the web site.  I have spent a great deal of time on it since last Thursday and find it very easy to navigate and extremely informative.

Yours in Hospitality,

Marnie L Burnett Director of Business Development @ steam works.

Hi Rob,

Your presentation today was most effective and well received. Our staff of 25, as well as the other 2010 licensees in attendance, was spellbound by the information that you were able to share with them. They truly were unaware of the sheer magnitude of this event; needless to say many have a new found respect for the power of the Olympic brand in focusing worldwide attention on Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada. Your delivery kept everyone’s attention riveted on the subject matter as you are so very well informed with respect to this approaching Tsunami.

Our intention was to increase awareness and fully engage everyone, you succeeded beyond our expectations. Thank you for taking the time to share this powerful message with all of us. You are a wonderful ambassador for the 2010 Games and the attendant opportunities that are available for all of us.

Best regards,

Bob MacKerricher President Northern Gifts 2010 Mascot supplier