Rob Arthurs and his company Robert A. Arthurs International are highly respected and he is a well-connected professional.

Consultant Myth

If I hire a consultant it shows that I am a poor manager or owner. Will people think that I am not as good as businessperson as I lead them to believe?

The Truth

Smart managers and owners know when to bring in a consultant. A consultant can usually see things differently than many owners or managers because they have no attachment to the objects or circumstance.

Consultants are very expensive

Consultants like myself go into companies with the idea of “teach a man to fish”. I try not to create a dependency situation. Chances are you’ll only need our services a few times throughout your company’s lifetime. Be sure you check the consultants background to maximize your dollars spent on someone who has had previous experience in the area of which you need help.

What do we see?

  1. These days it seems like ideas are everywhere. If you are not ready and constantly fueling your business with breakthrough ideas, then your competitors will pass you at great speeds. The 2 biggest reasons for failure in business today are no implementations of new ideas and the failure to follow through with them. A consultant can help you analyze and, correct your business practices, critical thinking, inefficiencies, and your systems holes.
  1. As a consultant, I find that top-down communications with the company vision or mission is also one of the most troubling components of a fledgling business.
  1. You are a business owner or in upper management and also the conductor of the Symphony, and everyone are not playing the same tune. You hire a consultant to deliver the company vision and mission to get everybody back playing the same tune and get that standing ovation.

If you are feeling stuck or frustrated with the daily operations of your company or with its growth perhaps it’s time you call-in somebody from the outside to offer some insight.

Some of our services

  1. Investment Consultation

(1) Research of investment schedule and feasibility, analysis of investment, forecast and protection technology of investment risk, investment cost and economic profits, analysis of enterprise’s development, design of the investment project and organization of the project managing system.

(2) Merger and Acquisition, design and proof of the reorganizing capital schedule, providing all side pursue service for the process.

(3) Agency the formalities of registration in Vancouver for the enterprise outside Vancouver and Canada.


  1. Management Consultation


Design of the enterprise’s 21st century developing strategy.  The Enterprises culture positioning Consultation for the proof or training of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, developing the strategy for enterprise management, and design of the management system.


  1. Market exploration

(1) Provide information and material on the country policies:

economical, legal, technological, and Cultural. Trading for the various services for foreign clients to set up enterprises and agencies inside Canada and facilitating the concerning formalities.

(2) Provide whole process, all-sided services for enterprises both domestic and abroad upon the request of clients, CONSULTANT-COACH.COM can anticipate market strategy entailing the market change, helping clients to adjust to the product structure, accepting entrust as well as market surveys and providing scientific proof.

(3) Explore NAFTA and WTO Rules regarding import or export.


  1. Brokers and Agency Service

(1) Organize business negotiation between Canadians and foreigners, introducing reliable business partners and providing background, helping domestic enterprises and foreign clients to study the feasibility of economic and technological cooperation, pulling strings for the cooperation and exchange of economic, trade and technology between countries.

(2) Cooperate with various organizations and clients all over the world and acting as their agent to explore the business in Canada and Vancouver, which will benefit the socio-economical development.

(3) Organize the business inspection: both domestic and abroad.


  1. Personnel Development

(1) Accept entrust from enterprises both domestic and abroad to train personnel, setting up various kinds of classes for researching, and propagating the frontiers of science and intellectual economics.

(2) Coach: Robert Arthurs is a certified Coach.

Rob Arthurs: founder and C.E.O. of one of Canada’s 100 fastest growing businesses in 1999. Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in 1994, 1997. Nominated for the Van City Ethics in Action Award in 1997. Trade missions: 2 to Japan, 1 to North East China.

  • “We hired Rob Arthurs to help us with our export problems with N.A.F.T.A. He did more in 72 hours than our broker did in 3 months!“ – Orion, Orion Screenworks