Want to have Lunch with Rob?

Virtual or in person LUNCH WITH Rob only $115 60+minute Session –

Do you want to take me to lunch?  Would you like get inside my head and know what I’m thinking about your idea or business? & ask me anything you want …..We can SKYPE or WeChat?


  • Ask me anything you want about how I have had 5 successful start ups
  • How to balance work & life
  • Why settle for one or the other when you can have it all
  • How to stay positive in the when the walls seem to be closing in
  • How to take your idea from napkin to reality
  • Tips and Tricks in how to build a massive data base
  • Relationship management while starting and running a business
  • How to use the world stage to grow your business
  • Bounce your ideas off me no matter how outlandish they seem,  I will let you know what I think …no holding back (but with advise and kindness)
  • So So much more@!

I will show you how to “Live an Extra Ordinary Life” ( I co-authored that book with 10 with the top coaches in the world)

For Bookings please email: Rob@robertarthurs.com