Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I look for in a business coach?

When looking for a coach, you should look for experience. It is important to make sure that your coach has experience in the areas you need. Base your decision on what you need. Be sure to thoroughly check references. If the coach is reputable they will gladly give you references. You should also have a clear understanding of what you want out of the relationship with your coach.
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What are the common complaints of business owners?

The common problems of business owners are slow business growth, no rhythm in the operation, no cash flow, and having no focus in pursuing business goals. Where to start with is to seek the help of a certified business coach who is also an entrepreneur himself.

Why do you need a business consultant in the first place?

If you are feeling stuck or frustrated with the daily operations of your company or with its growth, perhaps it’s time you call-in somebody from the outside to guide and give insights as you learn the curve of business.
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What’s the difference between business coaching and consulting?

Business coaching and consulting are both essentials for every entrepreneur or business owner who wants to succeed in the journey.  Knowing the difference will guide you when to employ the services of a coach or a consultant.

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What are the signs that you need a career change?

Do you feel like you are stuck and see yourself not being able to see your full potential at work?
You want a difference for a better version of yourself. YOU want to make a difference and be competitive, but you don’t know.

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Exporting: What it is and its benefits?

Canada has always been a trading nation exports and imports consistently account for about two-thirds
of the country’s GDP. As the liberalization of global commerce continues more and more Canadian
companies are joining the international market every year.

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What should I know about Export Trading?

Being in the field of export trading takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and challenges. Before getting into the core of export trading, there are essential requirements that you must take into consideration.

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