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We can do business together... I am all about collaborations!

Congrats on expanding or starting your export business!!!

It’s now time to live the dream and get your first order and score the first cheque into your bank account!!!

However, being a first-timer in the field of International Trade, you lack one essential ingredient to making this happen - experience. While you can always do your own research from books, websites, and online forums, chances are, you might not be able to find specific information related to your unique requirements. You’d probably end up with theoretical fluff instead.

Well fear not! We won’t waste your precious time. At Robert Arthurs, we offer only customized and actionable advice from the startup perspective!

Are you an International Trader?

Seeking mentorship from me can propel your small business towards achieving your business goals. RAI provides the following services to give your company the boost it needs to expand and grow.

International Trade with a Certified Business Coach

Are you a healthcare professional with your own formulated products that you want to bring to the international market?

We can search the globe where all possibilities can happen for your products. We are of the same philosophy and so we grow together as business partners to make the world much even better and heatlhier.
I have massive connections globally wanting unique supplements and other related products.

Are you a Cosmetic Formulator?

If you have a cosmetic formula that you would like to take to the international market place, let's talk.!

WIth my massive connections, I can connect you with industries who can make your formula into a reality.

Are a Startup Entrepreneur?

In just 90 days I can transform your life… if you are willing to do the work!

Produce meaningful results in your personal, professional, or business lives or else fail. In this world full of challenges and competition.

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Why Me?

My Company-Robert Arthurs International (RAI) aims to help small to medium-sized North American companies secure business success.

Today that vision is much larger and will work from small to massive organizations especially in Agri-Food.  My database can access the global market to source quality products quickly and cost-effectively.

By taking advantage of my global connections, I help non-Canadian companies access quality products and avoid uncertainties of the global markets and increasing their competitiveness at the same time finding good high quality safe Agri-Food products.

The First Step to Level Up!

Leveraging extensive experience in business leadership for consumer-based companies, I am an asset for many companies requiring expert assistance with business development.

Rob Arthurs- CEO, Robert Arthurs International,

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Your trading business can do more. Speak with ME to know more your
possibilities in this kind of business.