What Is Business Coaching?

Typically in a coaching engagement, the coach asks powerful questions that help the client navigate their thoughts and generate an answer that already lies within them.

Aids by enabling learning, not teaching

Is not limited to a personal relationship

Is growth-focused

Does not need to be an expert in a specific industry

Have goals related to performance, results, and outcomes

What Is Consulting?

In a consulting engagement, the consultant acts as a subject matter expert through content or experience and provides advice, answers, or resources to the customer. A consultant:

Works with more than one person in groups, teams, department, or boards

Executes specific deliverables, gathers data, and reports on that data

Is problem-focused

Is regarded as the expert who will help identify and solve problems

Have goals related to programs, processes, or systems

What Is Coachsulting?

Coachsulting provides both coaching and consulting services to the same clients under the same engagement. The goal is to provide one-on-one sessions that are tailored to the client’s specific personal and professional development needs. The engagement could entail a mix of coaching, training, advice, and guidance at various points in the relationship based on the client’s needs.

Robert Arthurs is a professionally trained Certified Business Coach and Consultant with an extensive background in small business issues who oversees, assists, and guides you the small business owner in developing, starting, and growing your small business. Rob helps you clarify your business goals and objectives and helps you develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise.

We create a purposeful and powerful partnership together with the client and

Provides a safety zone

Facilitates clarity & self-discovery

Generates possibility

Fosters effective action

Embraces process

Holds accountability

Celebrates success

Quotation mark

In just 90 days I can transform your life … if you are willing to do the work!

– Robert A. Arthurs

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In this world full of challenges and competition, Certified Business Coach Rob Arthurs will help you.


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