Group business coaching is an increasingly popular option for businesses and organizations that need some helpful advice and accessing an extremely qualified business coach at a fraction of the cost for 1 on 1. Bringing individuals together to work on a project, creates a supportive atmosphere of exchange of ideas and collaboration. This can be extremely beneficial in empowering individuals to communicate and find solutions to problems within an organization or with their business goals. There are many advantages to group business coaching that can: 

  • Help any business operate more efficiently and effectively. 
  • The primary benefit of group business coaching is that it allows for the sharing of experiences, ideas, and best practices.
  • Having a team approach to brainstorming and problem-solving can result in better outcomes for a business. 
  • It also facilitates a sense of synergy, as team members can learn from each other and look for ways to improve their working relationships.
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The advantages of group coaching are as follows:

Expanding one’s professional network, encouraging connection building, and dissolving organizational silos all contribute to the possibility to collaborate closely with people that might not otherwise be available.

  • Enhances one’s communication abilities by teaching them how to give and receive feedback, mentor others, and actively listen.

Discussion and feedback encourage self-reflection and a greater sense of self; they also encourage employee collaboration, thought diversity, and learning from others as peers work together to solve complicated challenges in novel ways.

By sharing a common experience, participants in a peer group coaching program can: 

  • Improve their problem-solving, planning, and teamwork skills. 
  • Develop deeper relationships and connections. 
  • Increase their sense of accountability because the peer group and lead coach will be asking for updates on problems solved, fresh ideas put into practice, and milestones met in relation to desired goals. 
  • Foster a sense of purpose in each participant in the program’s work within their departments. (If other members of the team are present)


What You Need to Know About Business Group Coaching

Depending on how YOUR success is defined, group coaching will be more effective by how much effort you put into, it will define the success. Most sessions will be on Zoom or Meetup so come as you are to a safe non-judgemental session. We will have when possible, networking social events or piggyback on others’ events. We are here to build community!

In an article by Harvard Business Review, it was said that “there is a sense of camaraderie and good feeling that comes when you have a positive impact as a coach on another person’s well-being, and peer coaches learn things about themselves both through the act of coaching others and, of course, by receiving coaching themselves.”


Peer group coaching allows for a larger group to participate, making it more affordable and scalable than one-on-one coaching. The following variables will affect how much a peer group coaching package costs: Group coaching costs will be a nominal $200.00 a month based on 3 sessions a month. In comparison, Rob’s Monthly coaching 1 on 1 rate is $ 6-1k a month. We ask for a minimum 3-month commitment.  

Group Coaching Cost at $200

3 Sessions A Month | Minimum 3-Month Commitment

Other thoughts to consider for you are:

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