International Trade- How Do We Help You?

We at Robert Arthurs International (RAI) work with startups like YOU who are aspiring to launch an export-import business. The business coaching services we offer in the field of  International Trade are designed in alignment with the specific needs of your company. What you are getting here is the service of a subject expert. And Rob has all the expertise to guide you in your trading journey.

The Expert Trading Advice We Offer:

Market research


Human resources

Project management

Export goods

Sales and marketing

Relationship building

Business coaching

Business start and development

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What  Rob Arthurs Can Provide to Canadian Companies?

Advice and Strategies on:

  • International Market Entry
  • Importing and Exporting Process
  • Logistics
  • Finding suppliers or Partners.

Rob Arthurs achieved the highest satisfaction rate from his clients by quickly assessing their needs and concerns and offering relevant assessment and advice.

How to Export Business and Its Benefits?

Who is Rob Arthurs?

Rob is an accomplished Senior Executive & Entrepreneur with more than 36 years of experience in the oilfield,  clothing, cleaning, sporting events, food, & labor industries. Leveraging extensive experience in business leadership for consumer-based companies. His broad areas of expertise include business start-up, HR, project management, market research, sales and marketing, export goods, government relations, international trade/relations, training, & business coaching. Rob has held leadership positions with companies & organizations including the BC gov, Ministry of International Trade, Robert Arthurs Intl, True North Clothing CO, and Sweeping Beauties, Inc. He was the founder and CEO of 6 successful businesses.

International Trade Shows and Events

Over the last 13 years, Robert Arthurs, CEO of RAI, was a constant figure in trade and show missions. Robert has participated in over 300 trade shows globally and was hired by the Federal Government to deliver trade show workshops to entrepreneurs on “How to Maximize Your Trade Show Experience”.

  • Seafood Shows: Brussels, Qingdao (CFSE), Guangzhou, HK, Boston (SENA), and more.
  • Food Shows: Food Hotel China (FHC) Shanghai, Seoul Food Show Korea, HOFEX HK, Foodex Japan, Natural Products Expo West Anaheim USA (NPEW), Fancy Food Show USA, and many more just to name a few.
  • Food Festival: Most recently Rob Arthurs was instrumental in co-founding the BC Agri-Food Festival in Comox Valley (international program) that is so successful as now being modeled and being asked to replicate in Hong Kong in 2019.

Why Choose Rob Arthurs International?

RAI provides resources and contact information and Rob  is here to help businesses with export counseling, marketing strategy information, market entry support, export financing, and in-market support.

With this unique experience his database of buyers and government officials, international market entry
help is massive and in the tens of thousands. There are very few consultants with a mixture of
entrepreneurship, government relationships, and experience as Rob Arthurs International

Achievements and Experiences

He was hired by many government-funded entrepreneur schools to develop curriculums and coaching programs for startups.  Rob was a business coach to many franchises around the world and their franchisee’s.

  • Developed and delivered 253 Olympics Business training workshops
  • Helped small companies scale-up and compete globally around the world.
  • Brought in over 1000 international buyers from around the world leading them into new markets like China, USA, Korea, Japan, India, EU, and more.
  • Is sought out as a seasoned matchmaker by companies and Foreign Governments

Robert Arthurs at the MOU signing of TMALL / Alibaba and Herbaland in Anaheim California on March 7, 2019.

Quotation mark

We hired Rob Arthurs to assist with some customs/border issues with our T-shirts, Rob did more for us in 72 hours than our broker did 3 months.

– Orion, Orion Screenworks

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