Press Released on  Aug. 3, 2023

Rob Arthurs, a distinguished figure in entrepreneurship, boasts two decades of experience as a pioneering Canadian-certified business coach since 1999. Labeled the “Business Mechanic,” Arthurs has earned his repute as a transformative guide for businesses navigating growth. His recent rural sojourn with his entrepreneur wife brought forth a pivotal realization that ignited his mission.

Back in North Vancouver after a profound three-month rural exploration, Arthurs witnessed the pandemic’s brutal blow to small enterprises. The struggle etched in his memory highlighted rural Canada’s entrepreneurial resilience amid the crippling aftermath of Covid-19. Collaborating with colleagues internationally, Arthurs unearthed a universal truth—rural businesses globally were grappling with the pandemic’s aftermath, not only were businesses closing but many Chambers of Commerce were on the verge of closure or restructuring, and they are considered the business leaders.

Yet, within the challenges, Arthurs saw a beacon of hope. He recognized the dormant potential within these communities and their dire need for change, given the youth exodus to urban hubs. Drawing upon his invaluable experience orchestrating remarkable success during the 2010 Olympics where he taught businesses including hundreds of rural businesses how to access the business opportunities from the games. 

However, the responsibility for resurgence does not rest solely on political leaders. Entrepreneurs must lead the charge, rekindling prosperity with their spirit and determination. Our economic recovery hinges on these visionary individuals leveraging their prowess to reignite innovation and entrepreneurship.


Moreover, Arthurs understands that rural areas require these businesses to remain within their communities for jobs and vitality. Not everyone needs to flock to big cities to grow their ventures. Arthurs’ programs focus on business retention, enabling communities to rebuild by retaining local enterprises.

The Coaching Program to Empower Rural Entrepreneurs

Renowned Business Coach for Urban and Rural Businesses

Arthurs is uniquely equipped to bridge the gap between rural businesses and urban resources.

He envisions harmonizing rural enterprises by infusing metropolitan innovation tools into these communities.

Now, Arthurs is launching a coaching program to empower rural entrepreneurs. With a history of guiding businesses to success, his firsthand knowledge as part of a family in manufacturing and retail bolsters his understanding of their challenges. With ten successful startups and three current companies, his expertise is unmatched.


Arthurs believes distance should not limit access to quality coaching. Through online Zoom sessions, he brings his guidance directly to businesses—whether they are remote or on vacation. This unique dynamic simulates a “board of directors” for their businesses, enhancing collective growth and success.

Arthurs’ commitment to accessible, affordable, quality coaching online revolutionizes rural businesses, benefitting from his 14 years in international trade and 30 years as a successful entrepreneur.

Rob Arthurs in a Business Speaking Event

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