Who Doesn’t Need a Coach? – An interview with Rob Arthurs, Canada’s Premier Business Coach
By Ron Gordon

What do Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and several Fortune 500 executives have in common? THEY ALL HAVE A COACH. Coaching has come a long way since the late 1980s. It is not just Tony Robins and high-priced seminars anymore. It seems that every fifth person you meet these days is calling themselves a coach, says Rob Arthurs of Robert Arthurs International, an award-winning entrepreneur and a business coach for 17 years.

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The Different Types of Coaches

There are executive coaches, career coaches, adult attention deficit coaches, sales coaches, relationship coaches, public speaking coaches, small business coaches. While others have specialization in a certain aspect of the business like venture development, start-up, or marketing.

There are coaches with life skills counseling background, coaches for therapists, and coaches for coaches. These days’ people spend more time and money with coaches trying to shave a few strokes off their golf game than they do planning their life

Could a coach help you get to your idea of a better life? Skeptics have said that coaching is no more than a glorified and paid golf partner, providing a service that could be easily accomplished with a friend or spouse. Professional coaches disagree.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is like any other professional advisor and on the same level as lawyers and accountants

Rob Arthurs:

Coaching is faster than psychotherapy and more powerful than good intentions.

So what is this phenomenon called coaching? What is a coach? Neil Godin of Neil Godin International, a professional coach and speaker for over 30 years says, “Coaches are about human development. Until we start teaching citizenship, self -management, basic literacy and entrepreneurship in our schools, the demand for qualified and professional coaches will only increase.” Coaching does not dwell on past transgressions and mistakes but instead focuses on helping the client create the life they want. More than a business advisor many coaches deal with the whole person.

Neil Godin says, “When I start with a new client, we boil that person’s life down to get to the real person. Coaches can help a client define their function in various roles.”

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Robert Arthurs:

Coaches are like a sculptor, helping the client release what is already inside them like a sculptor releases what is already inside the stone. We help our clients design a life filled with purpose.

Accountability is the buzzword. Coaches can be that external motivating factor that allows people to do things on purpose. We see it as an ongoing partnership with the clients to accelerate their learning, performance, and progress in their personal and professional lives.

Coaches provide a safety zone. They facilitate clarity and self-discovery, foster effective action. Coaches are the clients champion for success. Gloria Tom Wing Staudt of Peak Success Coaching says, “Coaches provide a structure for accountability, feedback, and momentum to produce meaningful results in both personal and professional lives.”

If coaching sounds like consulting, there are some similarities. However, there are some distinctive differences. Consultants are often external experts that identify challenges or obstacles and either write reports on their findings or fix the problem themselves. A business coach, on the other hand, often helps the client to discover the challenge on their own and then helps them implement a strategy to remove the obstacle and to ensure that not only do they correct the problem but often learn to deal with similar circumstances in the future.

Consulting vs. Coaching

Robert Arthurs:

Coaches, on the other hand, often help the client to discover the challenge on their own and then help them implement a strategy to remove the obstacle and to ensure that not only do they correct the problem but often learn to deal with similar circumstances in the future.

the benefits of business coaching

The goal is to help the client see their own strengths, and deal with their weaknesses to empower them to seize their opportunities and realize their goals. Some coaches can be ruthless when you are too soft on yourself. You should expect your coach to ask you soul-searching questions that you won’t ask yourself.

What Kind of Business Coach Should You Look For?

Robert Arthurs says,

When looking for a business coach, you should look for experience. It is important to make sure that your coach has experience in the areas you need. Base your decision on what you need. Be sure to thoroughly check references. If the coach is reputable they will gladly give you references. You should also have a clear understanding of what you want out of the relationship with your coach.

There are some trends that have become quite apparent in the profession of coaching. There are professional organizations such as the International Coaching Federation. Certification is becoming more prevalent and various organizations and trade groups have emerged to administer that certification. Full-service practices are emerging. These practices can be a group of independent coaches working together or can be more formal and there are several large companies involved in this industry.

Many large companies also employ coaches either as independents or as employees of the companies. The trends for the number of people using coaches will continue to quadruple, and many HR (Human Resources) departments and larger companies are hiring coaches in record numbers because many employees find it easier to talk to a business coach rather than the employer.

Seeking the Help of a Business Coach

Coaches are also more likely to identify situations that can then be addressed by other councilors, therapists, or marriage councilors. The employers extended health care plans on most occasions, cover these councilors.

Robert Arthurs:

There is also a movement to include more technology in the coaching profession, with web based and interactive coaching. This will allow unprecedented access to coaching like never before.

Neil Godin:

Though there is an enormous number of coaches, the world is getting incredibly competitive and people are searching to attain a balance between life and work and the coaches that deserve to be in this business will remain in this business.

Robert Arthurs:

If you feel like your life is on a hamster wheel, chasing your success, break free. Do it now.

For more information about coaching and how it can help you, contact Rob Arthurs at www.robertarthurs.com/contactrob@robarthurs.com



This article is written by Ron Gordon and sourced from www.selfgrowth.com-
“Even Tiger Woods has a coach”by Ron Gordon


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