How to Export Business

Rob Arthurs develops strong business acumen for international export because his last company was a
major exporter of clothing from Canada to 450 retailers globally and hundreds local. His company was
one of the 100 fastest-growing businesses in Canada because of exports. He understands the importance of effective execution from purchase order submission, production quality, and regulation to logistics.

Furthermore, he has gained much international trade experience and insights through his 14 years in his past role in an international position as Senior Manager of Agri-Food Exports for BC. He has led dozens of trade missions with hundreds of entrepreneurs to trade shows around the world. Learning about various cultures and buying habits and welcome thousands of buyers and foreign government officials to Canada.

His work with the BC government was to provide advice and services to Canadian companies.

Export Business and its benefits

Why Choose Robert Arthurs International?

RAI provides resources and contact information –

Rob at is here to help businesses with export counseling, marketing strategy information, market entry support, export financing, and in-market support.

With this unique experience his database of buyers and government officials, international market entry
help is massive and in the tens of thousands. There are very few consultants with a mixture of
entrepreneurship, government relationships, and experience as Rob Arthurs International

Rob Arthurs achieved the highest satisfaction rate from his clients by quickly assessing their needs and
concerns and offering relevant assessment and advice.

Export Trading Expertise

“Let Rob Arthurs help you get started with an export business.”

Exporting: What’s in it?

Canada has always been a trading nation exports and imports consistently account for about two-thirds
of the country’s GDP. As the liberalization of global commerce continues more and more Canadian
companies are joining the international market every year.

The Benefits of Export Business

Why would a company that’s already doing well within Canada consider becoming an exporter?

Import Export Business Canada

“Canada has free trade agreements with 51 countries and many more are coming.
That means you can buy and sell duty-free.”

The Call To Action

  • Go to to learn about upcoming trade events and webinar
  • Listen to podcasts on a wide variety of export topics,
  • Watch video testimonials to enhance your trade knowledge,
  • Select sectors and markets of interest to receive information tailor to your needs.

Every country has its own favorite social media and understanding that crowded and sometimes
confusing landscape is very important and how to reach your target market.

The Challenges to Face

Exporting has many challenges, but you can surmount them through careful preparation and planning.
Among these challenges are:

  • Increased cost– you have to modify the packaging of your products or services and account for

short-term costs such as extra travel, production of new marketing materials, and additional staff to market abroad.

  • Level of commitment. It takes time willingness effort and resources to establish and maintain yourself in the foreign market..
  • Staying for the long hall. Well, exporting holds great economic promise for most companies months or even several years can pass before you see a significant return on your export business investment.
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